Ring Sizing Guide


Finding your ring size is as important as the clothes you wear. We want it to be comfortable so that you can wear it everyday.

The average ring size for a ring finger is a 6, and the most common sizes purchased are between 5-8. Generally, a 5-6 fits a ring finger, a 6-7 fits the middle finger and 7-8 fits the index finger. Although, we are all different so please use our sizing guide below so our rings, fit you perfectly.

If you use the measurements and you are between sizes, it is always better to size up.


If you wish to wear your new ring as a midi-ring (knuckle ring), a general rule of thumb is that your midi-ring size will be around 2-4 sizes smaller then your normal size of that finger. For example, if your normal size is an 8, then your midi size will be between a 4-6. Again, it is always best to use our guide and measure before purchasing.


1) Print out the image and make sure it is at 100%. The line on the bottom should measure 135mm so double check that is correct so that this test can be accurate.

2) Place your ring so that the GRAY circle is touching the inside of your ring. This will give you your correct ring sizing.

3) Alternatively, if you are unable to print the picture at 100%, please use the mm guide below each size, to measure the inside of the ring you wish to use.

* Ring sizes in the ring size guide above are in U.S. sizes and the measurements are in millimeters.